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Outpatient Physical Therapy at Home

Physical Therapy in the Home

Experience the convenience of outpatient physical therapy in the comfort of your own home. Dalton brings a complete set-up, including a treatment table and exercise equipment, directly to your home. He begins with a thorough movement examination, ensuring a detailed understanding of your needs, followed by personalized physical therapy treatment tailored to enhance your mobility, improve strength, and alleviate discomfort.

Balance training

As one ages, walking and getting around can become more difficult. Dalton will help you adapt, become stronger, and fall less. Physical therapy is crucial for decreasing fall risk and improving balance, which is especially important for older adults. Falls can lead to serious injuries and a loss of independence, but with targeted exercises and maneuvers, physical therapy can enhance strength, coordination, and stability. This not only helps in reducing the likelihood of falls but also supports a safer and more active lifestyle, allowing you to maintain your independence and enjoy life to the fullest.

Physical Therapy for the Older Adult

Navigating daily life can become more challenging with age, especially when health issues and the risk of falls make leaving home difficult. Dalton specializes in bringing physical therapy directly to your doorstep. He will visit your home to assist you with tailored exercises and provide essential caregiver training to ensure your needs are fully supported.

(Medicare accepted!)

Joint pain and surgical rehabilitation

If you’re dealing with chronic neck, back, or extremity pain, or recovering from joint surgery, physical therapy can help! Dalton tailors hands-on exercises and techniques to minimize your pain and improve function.

Physical therapy after surgery restores strength, flexibility, and function. Dalton’s expertise includes creating personalized programs that reduce pain, prevent complications, and enhance mobility.

For general joint pain like in the back, neck, or shoulders, physical therapy includes targeted exercises to alleviate discomfort and strengthen muscles, managing pain and preventing deterioration.

Engaging in physical therapy promotes faster recovery, reduces re-injury risk, and helps you regain independence under Dalton’s hands-on guidance.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Have you ever experienced an event that left you feeling extremely nauseous and dizzy? Maybe it was severe enough to bring you to the hospital, where a battery of tests was performed but no conclusive answer was found. You might have received a diagnosis of vertigo and instructions to go to physical therapy.

Dalton can help!

With over 10 years of experience treating vestibular conditions and advanced certification through the American Institute of Balance, Dalton specializes in dizziness and balance. Physical therapy can help you recover through targeted exercises and maneuvers designed to improve your balance, reduce dizziness, and restore your quality of life.

Body Work

Do you suffer from ongoing neck and back pain, and find relief only through hands-on bodywork such as stretching, joint manipulation, and soft tissue techniques? Dalton can help! He offers home visits to provide these specialized services tailored to alleviate your pain and improve your mobility

(Cash rate only for this service)

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