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Jessy Y.

Dalton is probably the most professional and thorough PT doctor I have ever met. He had me describe my symptoms and went on to do a full assessment of my muscle stability to figure out where and how my injury occurred. I would've never thought that it came from my ankles! He was patient, knowledgeable, and (again) extremely extremely thorough. 10/10 would really recommend.

Ellen W.

I was seen virtually by Dalton during the Covid-19 crisis. Despite this not being ideal for a physio appointment, he was able to direct me with movements and physical checks to help with the problem with my arm. He got to the crux of the issue straight away and after 2 sessions and me diligently completing the exercises Dalton set, I felt so much better! Highly recommend :)

Jisoo H.

I hurt my shoulder and upper back from working out and the pain didn't subside for a week (I couldn't even turn my head), so I booked an appointment randomly with Dalton. We did some tissue work then some therapy, and he taught me a couple of things I could do on my own. Third day after seeing him, I was completely fine.

Also, without any anticipation, I asked if he could fix popping jaw. My jaw popped all the time and was always misaligned, to a point where I couldn't eat sandwiches. Numerous dentists tried solving this issue for 15 years but the improvement never persisted. Dalton taught me one exercise I could do. I followed his instructions, which took 5 minutes of my day, and about 10 days later, the life-long problem was cured!

Now I am in a good place but I see him twice a week. I feel better each time and I feel like my physical health is becoming stronger and more sustainable. We do some therapy and some work out, and honestly, he's a lifesaver.

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